Funny Observations From My Life As A Single Mom: The 'What Ever Happened To...' Edition


1. What ever happened to children's birthday parties that weren't out of control? Remember birthday parties as a kid? They consisted of 6 or 7 of your best buddies, maybe a cousin or two, a cake, some paper hats.  Well, not anymore. Now we have elaborate soirees where we invite 40 kids AND THEIR PARENTS (because no one just drops their kid off anymore, like our parents did) cupcake towers that would put your wedding cakes to shame, and truckloads of gifts that we know our kids don't need (or deserve, because...when is that last time they picked up their own room?)  

2. What ever happened to "be home when the street lights come on" parenting? We don't live in that type of world anymore. Kids used to be able to get together with friends and explore the world around them. Remember The Goonies or Stand By Me? Yeah, no.  That shit would never happen nowadays. Instead, we have to helicopter parent and monitor every moment because the streets are filled with crazies making even the best of neighborhoods feel unsafe and thereby creating a culture of over stressed parents and overly uptight kids. 

3. Whatever happened to quality toys? Every toy I buy is a piece of crap.  It falls apart or is flimsily made and sometimes barely even makes it home before its broken, creating meltdown after meltdown.  Dear toy makers, you suck. 

4. What ever happened to kids having the time to play after school? I've heard horror stories from countless parents about hours of homework...starting in kindergarten.  Not gonna lie, this freaks me out.  I'm terrified of having to confine my child to the house for additional school work instead of letting him run around the backyard getting exercise and releasing the pent up energy he already has before eating a good dinner and going to bed at a decent hour.  How are you parents surviving this?? 

5. What ever happened to just packing a school lunch? We all know how difficult the rules have become.  (No, I am not saying that I don't respect the fact that allergies are real and dangerous.) But damn, packing lunch sucks now.  Old school parents just threw in some bologna sandwiches, Cheetos, and some Snapple. 

6. What ever happened to parenting while quietly judging everyone else, instead of putting it all over the internet? Remember the days of your parents and your friend's parents sitting around (possibly while smoking and drinking cocktails at 4:30pm) and talking shit about other parents? That stayed in the inner circle.  It was never splashed all over Facebook or brought to everyones attention in a group text.  

7. What ever happened to customer service? Remember when you could give a person money in return for goods or services and DIDN'T have to go through an automated phone service or were required to go online? Gone are the days of just buying some we have to deal with the website first.  I don't get it.  

8. Whatever happened to making friends? Now we just friend request each other or follow each other instead of actually hanging out and doing stuff.  

9. What ever happened to babysitters who were the teenage daughter of a family friend or a college girl that lived down the street? They were the coolest, got paid twenty bucks for the whole night and barely supervised anything because they were on the phone the whole time talking to friends.  I learned SO much from my babysitters.  How to get my bangs to stay up like a huge wave coming off my forehead, who the Thompson Twins were, how to call a boy...the important stuff.  I'm pretty sure my babysitters had no real child care experience, no CPR certification, no background checks and absolutely no ability to make sound decisions on nutrition. 

10. Whatever happened to walking? It was never a big deal to walk to the store, or walk around the mall or walk all over the Disney World when I was little.  Now, kids avoid this walking thing like the plague.  I've seen kids in strollers that look like they're graduating from high school any moment now. 

Monday Fave Rave: The Mom Uniform

I swore to myself when I was pregnant that I would be a "cool mom."  I would dress every day. No pajamas at the grocery for me, dammit! Although it is tempting, don't let your style slip.  Often our kids are dressed better than we are but that's not fair (insert adult tempter tantrum here.) You wouldn't send them to school or take them to a birthday party wearing sweatpants and stained t-shirt, so you shouldn't for the sake of "comfort and ease" look like a disaster.  This is totally doable with little to no time to spare in the morning with the right combinations of school-drop-off-appropriate pieces, a 5 minute face, and a commitment to stepping up your style game even when you're tired.  We know it's easy to fall into a rut, but lets try to remember that you already sacrificed shapely figure, perky boobs, beauty sleep, and patience. From hospital to home, you can still look hot.  It's just takes knowing what works in a pinch. This is how I keep from feeling like a fashion failure.

Top 10 go-to pieces for my "mom uniform":

  1. Don't just throw on any old t-shirt.  There is a time and a place for your college team logos, free shirts from random work events, or that ugly thing you scrub the bathrooms in…please, just don't.  A tunic top that drapes and hangs nicely on all figures, is the perfect foundation to a great outfit.  I own this top in black, white, grey, navy and forest green.
  2. An exception to the t-shirt rule: vintage is always cool…I love Junk Food Clothing for this very reason.  These shirts look great with anything.
  3. Just say NO to "pajama jeans" or anything you see on an informercial.  Go for a legging.  They are versatile, comfortable and fashionable, but sony just throw on any old pair of leggings.  Look for and purchase leggings with some structure and detail such as faux leather, paneled, jegging in a dark wash, and moto style all offer the comfort and simplicity of a yoga pant (please keep the fitness wear for fitness…really.)
  4. If you just need a slouchy pant go for a boyfriend cut. Old Navy makes a great pair for all shapes and sizes.
  5. Gym shoes are for the gym, but I do love a sneaker.  Try a Converse All Star Chuck Taylor for comfort and they look great with legging, skinny jeans or a comfy dress.
  6. If you need a coat (we live in Florida so I don't get wear them as often as I would like) I am currently obsessed with this Lululemon option.  Sleek and modern…not frumpy and lumpy.
  7. Add a scarf any time and any season.  I like to get mine from Target or Old Navy.
  8. Need a dress option? Try this hot Faux Suede Shift Dress. So versatile and a better option than the same old back shift dress.
  9. If you just have to wear sweats…please…do an Adidas Track Suit.  Dope.
  10. And if you don't have to carry a diaper bag, try a small cross body bag like this one.  Black, simple, and goes with everything.

I know that some days are harder than others, but looking good is feeling good.