Funny Observations From My Life As A Single Mom: The Star Wars Celebration Edition

You know you're a part of the best Nerd Herd in the galaxy if you went to Celebration of felt any of these things:

1. You know you've been single for a while if Bobba Fett starts looking like boyfriend material. 

2. That sense of pride you have when your kid is cosplaying Darth Vader and force choking Lando Calrissian.

3. When perfecting "Leia Buns" has never been a more important part of your 'getting ready' routine. 

4. A dudes best pick up line at SWCO 2017 was "Hey girl, what did you think of the trailer?" 

5. When you make eye contact with a 501st and wonder if he's single... despite your penchant for the light side.  

6.  You're biggest decision for the day is which witty Star Wars shirt to wear. 

7. Waiting in line for hours is never something you've had the patience for...unless it's to meet Mark Hamill.  Then you'll wait in line for 12 hours surrounded by people who haven't showered in days because they're part of the "camp out crowd."  

8. You are a total nerd if you've pushed people out of the way to get your pic with a dude dressed as a Wookie. (guilty)

9. After a weekend of Celebration you're planning a whole sleeve of Star Wars themed tattoos despite the fact that you're mother will disown's worth it. 

10. You are now the proud owner of every limited pin, patch, and badge available at the Con and give zero F's you paid that much for anything in your whole life.  

11. You judged every sexy Slave Leia at the con for not being more inventive, but you're also secretly jealous you didn't work on your bikini body sooner.  

12. You've contemplated buying a $400 toy still in the box because...collector's item, duh! 

13. You're kid had to poop in the public bathroom and it took 20 minutes just to remove his full costume (we've discussed this...but my Little Rebel can't poop without being naked and cosplaying just complicated things...)

14. You're jealous of every kid who got to do Jedi Academy...

15. When Jar Jar Binks photobombs you're C3-PO pictures and you're totally cool with's literally the only time you actually didn't want to punch him anyways.  

16. You see other parents with their kids at the Con and nod, like you're all raising the next generation of literally badasses that will carry on the love of the Galaxy Far Far Away...

17. When you've Googled how hard it is to build a remote control R2-D2...

18. You totally spent 4 hours in line for the Celebration store and came away with 6 new friends and one t-shirt that is kinda too small. 

19. You overheard the pregnant lady arguing with her husband about the fact that they "won't be naming this baby Jango."

20. You're sure you're depression won't go away until Disney opens their Star Wars theme park or they announce the next Celebration dates...until then you'll be obsessing over fan sites until Christmas 2018.