MLR Fave Rave: Spring has Sprung

Spring Break is upon us.  Many of you are escaping the cold (yuck) and heading to warmer weather.  Many of you are balancing work and having the kiddos home for an entire week.  Some may have camps to go to, others may be enjoying a little staycation.  Either way it goes, Spring has sprung and here's a little list of some of my favorite survival gear for the season.  

1. Coola Sunscreens This stuff works! It smells great and it doesn't leave you or your kids covered in chalky-white residue at the beach or at the pools and theme parks.  The sprays are legit, too.  No messy hands when reapplying! 

2.  Adidas T-Shirt Dress You NEED to own this dress.  You can wear it a million different ways, and to pretty mush anything.  I recently bought this dress to have as another alternative to shorts and a t-shirt.  It looks great on, isn't clingy or tight, pairs with leggings for chilly days or over a bathing suit for the beach.  

3. Coconut Face Mask If you get a little too much sun on those cheeks, try this mask.  Its soothing and calming and will help heal stressed skin in 20 minutes.  

4. Going to an actual "nice" dinner with the kids? If yours are like mine, they hate to wear fancy clothes.  Especially boys.  Try this Moana dress shirt. It looks so adorable on, washes well, and doesn't require a 45 minute fight to get the kid dressed.  

5. Bug Repellent Slap Bracelets are genius! No DEET, repels mosquitos, and a toy all in one.  My son wears his when we are playing in the backyard.  

6. Kid's Peace Garden is an awesome way to get the kids hands dirty, learn about how plants grow, and its super cute when it grows! 

7. Need a great way to make those little ones tired? I highly suggest this Little Tikes 7' Trampoline !!!!  I will be honest and just tell you this thing is my saving grace on beautiful spring days when I am up to my elbows in multi-tasking.  He bounces for hours and gets really tired doing it.  

8. Need a new backpack to haul the family's crap around for them? Yeah, I hear you.  I am totally in love with this Le Sportsac Voyager Backpack. Its washable, has all these awesome pockets, is light weight and looks cute with anything.  If your wardrobe is anything like mine (all black everything) it's the perfect addition.  

9. Every Mom should have a good denim jacket.  Warm days and cool nights are what spring is all about.  A denim jacket can layer over a sundress or yoga gear, and make you seem like you've actually put some effort into dressing yourself when we all know you don't have that much time on your hands.  

10. Well, if you're going to throw on that cute jacket, why not add some pins? We love these Meme Pinz. I am currently rocking the boombox.  


Enjoy the change in season, Rebel Leaders and Domestic Warrior Princesses.  You deserve a little sunshine and a few smiles in your life.