Persnickety Palate: The Name Game

Heres a short post we can all relate to.  The Name Game aka "what we call food so our kid will eat it." Is it just us or does a food completely change if we happen to call it something our child actually relates.  Here is a ridiculous list of what I have to call certain foods to get Boo to even taste them.

  1. Asparagus= lightsabers (and yes you must pick them up and play with them)
  2. Chicken or any other meat besides steak must be called "steak" or it's just not happening...
  3. Peas = joker balls (don't ask)
  4. Bowtie Pasta = Batman pasta
  5. Broccoli = Yoda Trees
  6. Green Smoothies = Alien Smoothies
  7. PB&J or any other sandwich (he hates bread) = Mickey Bread (?? Boo came up with this and so we go with it because really, what kid won't eat a sandwich?!!)
  8. Carrots = Super Man X Ray Vision Carrots
  9. Fish= Sponge Bob Kebab
  10. Chicken and Quinoa Meatballs = Super Boo Balls (yes, really…)

So, its apparent I have been desperate to get my little guy to eat a good, solid, healthy, balanced meal and I'm sure I'm not alone.


What are some names or tips you have to get these little guys to eat well?

Good Luck!

-W and Boo