WTF Wednesday: Preschool is Killing ME

Another quick post, but I really need to vent on this issue.  Preschool is killing me.  Boo loves school.  Kinda like a puppy will eat anything, my son just blindly loves school.  It's pretty sweet, actually.  And as his parent I want him to like going to school.  As for me, I am dying.  Here are my top 5 reasons why:

  1. The obvious…germs.  Cough.
  2. I don't have enough room for all of the "art work." boxes and boxes of finger-painted "masterpieces."
  3. Mom-Cliques… I totally feel like I'm back in middle school (which BTW was the worst.) Admittedly, I am a little intimidated, I'm the only single parent and kind of feel like a social pariah.
  4. Daily feelings of parental failures. A day doesn't go by that I haven't left feeling supremely less than qualified to raise my own child because he "plays too much" or "talks about batman too much." Seriously, WTF?? He's 3 years old! Be lucky he keeps his pants on all day and hasn't flushed something important to you down the toilet.
  5. The Parking Lot is the fifth dimension of my own personal hell.  It's survival of the fittest.  You have a mad combination of children darting out into the path of oncoming cars, this one over here insisting on backing in her tour-bus-sized SUV into parking space made for a compact car, and multiple cars all backing up or around or whatever into one another.  Seriously…its like the parking lot at WalMart on Black Friday.